Commercial property for sale

بؤرة النشاط الجديدة

The new hotspot

A 24/7 live-work-play experience for residents and businesses. Right in the beating heart of the city, but in its own separate space and identity. Uptown Dubai brings you a new dimension to social interaction.
New Beat For Business

نبض جديد للأعمال

A new beat for business

A place environment where businesses can innovate and thrive. Uptown Dubai is aspirational and enterprising. Where future innovations and new ways of doing things are born. A place of discovery, reinvention and progression.
Smart Living

الحياة الذكية

Smart living

A community which offers the best in smart urban living and mobility. The district brings you a new generation in aesthetics, convenience and practicality. Where emerging technology converges with modern style and comfort.
Energetic lifestyle

نمط حياة مفعم بالحيوية

Energetic lifestyle

A place where you can live and work at your own energy level. We give you the choice to enjoy your leisure in the way that suits you best - from high-level energy to complete relaxation.
Connected community

مجتمع مترابط

Connected community

A location that brings together all aspects of the community. Business, residential or guests to Dubai, Uptown Dubai welcomes you as your home, home-from-home, or a natural choice to enterprise and excel.
Energising Dubai

بث النشاط في دبي

Energising Dubai

An atmosphere where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Where each part of the community is energised by the other. Where each individual aspect builds on the other to create something truly special.

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